The Indian Journal for Research in Physical Education and Sports Sciences is a peer reviewed professional journal intended to meet the needs of physical educators and to serve as a forum for socioeconomic, education and ethical issues. The journal publishes scientific research and review articles on sports and sports science disciplines like Anthropometry, Psychology, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine, Sports Training, Yoga and other subjects having interdisciplinary perspective with specific application to sports.

Manuscript Preparation

To facilitate the review process, the manuscripts are to be typed in English in double space, on one side of the 8.5 x 11 inches white paper. Author(s) using a word processor should select Times New Roman with 12 font size. The length of manuscript must be from 5 to 6 pages and not more than 800 words. Two copies of manuscripts and one CD (Compact Disc) should be sent to the chief editor.

Manuscripts are accepted for publication with the understanding that they have not been published simultaneously, submitted or already accepted for publication elsewhere (except as an abstract in conference proceedings).

Articles must confirm to the technical details set forth in this guide. Manuscripts deviating from the recommended format are neither evaluated nor returned. The main criteria for acceptance are based on originality of the  material, significance to the profession, validity, scientific and technical soundness to the better understanding of the subject. Manuscripts with practical information presented in a concise, logical and clear manner are given priority.

In case of acceptance of the articles, the author(s) implicitly agreed to its editing.


          The publisher holds the copyright of the material published in the journal. The author(s) are required to submit a certificate transferring the copyright in the event of publication. Any use of the published material by any manner, outside the Copyright Act, without the publisher’s consent is illegal and thus prohibited. All illustrations taken from the other publications must be accompanied by the permission of copyright holder.


Reprints are supplied only when requested in the covering letter. The actual cost of the reprint is charged from the author(s).

Covering Letter

Author(s) must submit the signed covering letter with the manuscript to the chief editor. The covering letter should contain the following certificate.

 “The enclosed manuscript represents results of original work that has not been published elsewhere. This manuscript has not been and will not be submitted for publication elsewhere until a decision is made regarding its acceptability for publication in IJRPESS. If accepted for publication, it will not be submitted elsewhere. Furthermore, if there are any perceived financial conflicts of interest related to the research reported in the manuscript, it should have been disclosed in the Author(s) Notes”.

Author(s) must indicate the section/subject/area in which they want the manuscript to be reviewed. Interdisciplinary manuscripts are encouraged.


Multiple authors should be listed in the order of proportionate work commitment. The biographical information of all authors should also be included.

Manuscripts Content

Each manuscript should include the title page, the second title page and the text. The title page should contain the title of the study, the names, qualifications, employment status, the employing institution, the place and the state of all the authors.

The second title page and the page following the title page should contain the title of the study, an abstract and the key words. The numbering of pages should begin from here. The third page should contain the text including introduction, methodology, results, discussions, conclusion and references.


An abstract should reveal in concise terms what you studied and why, how you went about it, what you found, and the relevance of those findings. “Type the abstract itself as a single paragraph without paragraph indentation. The abstract should be self explanatory in about 200 words.

Key Words

Following the abstract, the author(s) should list not more than six keywords that do not appear in the title, that represent the content of the manuscript.


The introductory part should emphasize the statement and significance of the problem, aim of the research and the development of hypothesis of the study. It should include the practical and the applied questions around which the study has been developed.


This section should include a complete description of the subjects, materials, equation, procedures, experimental and statistical techniques. Units of measurements, symbol and abbreviations must confirm to the international standards. Metric system is preferred.


This section should include a concise presentation of the data. The analysis of data must be presented in tabular form. Tables and figures should not be used for the presentation of same data. The subjects must not be identified by name or any other recognizable label.


The discussion part should contain the interpretation of the results with possible comparisons with other relevant studies. Recommendations, if any, questions of practical application consistent with the limitations of the study may be included.


This should briefly state the conclusions drawn from the study and clearly in relation to the hypothesis. Conclusions should be drawn with supporting data.


All sources cited in the text must also be cited in the reference list. Conversely, all entries in the reference list must be cited in the text. The reference list includes circulated materials i.e., books, journals proceedings, films, etc. The reference list entries must be arranged in alphabetical order using the surname of the author(s).

All citations must be in the Hanging Indent Format with the first line flush to the left margin and all other lines indented.

For Correspondence

Please direct all correspondence concerning manuscripts and subscription to the Chief Editor, Indian Journal for Research in Physical Education, Tiruchendur-628215. e-mail: and may visit our website for further details. 

Manuscript Deadlines

 Indian Journal for Research in Physical Education and Sports Sciences is published as a biannual journal in October and April. To be considered for publication in the Journal, manuscripts must be submitted before the following dates.

August 15 for the October Issue.

February 15 for the April Issue.